Welcome, and thank you for jumping into The Big Mix™!

When: 2015. TBA.
Where: TBA. In subsequent years, we will add cities throughout the country.
What it is: A major multicultural event, celebrating diversity, with a specific focus on the mixed American and blended Families. In subsequent years, more cities will be added, for a nationwide, simultaneous celebration.

Why: Mixed people and blended families are the second fastest growing population in North America. We, at The Big Mix, are giving a powerful voice to a demographic group, that is literally changing the face of America.


The Big Mix is a family, entertainment and education focused event featuring all forms of entertainment, celebrity appearances, media events, kids activities, mixed cultural cuisine, education platforms and public interest vehicles celebrating diversity and inclusion for all people.

The Big Mix has a particular focus on celebrating and giving voice to 'Blended America' - mixed people, mixed couples and mixed families of all races, cultures and ethnicities This event will be like a family-friendly mixed-palooza - packed with events featuring celebrities, singers, actors, storytellers, activities, celebrations, international food offerings, activities, games, workshops, lectures and community dialogue.

The launch year for The Big Mix will be in 2015 in (TBA). In subsequent years, we will expand the festival to occur simultaneously in other major cities, and within 10 years, we expect to expand nationally with the festival occurring simultaneously, coast-to-coast, with national broadcast, social media, new media and internet coverage.

America has always been mixed, and always will be! Mixed Americans and blended families are the second fastest growing demographic in North America.
Get into The Big Mix, and celebrate!

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